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■Prefecture Kyoto ■Booth No. 16-16 ■Type of Industry Distributor, Retailer
Company PR
Established in 1930 in Kyoto, we are a butcher company which has 22 retail shop, wholesales department and online shop. We mainly provide Japanese meat (beef, pork, chicken) in Kansai area. Additionally we are exporting Kyoto wagyu to 14 countries from 2014. We will continue to expand our overseas business in the future.
Already has agent/trading firm No
Export countries within one year Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Thai, Taiwan, Vietnum, EU
Export experiences 〇 [ Singapore, EU, Hong Kong, Thai, Macau, America ]
Can respond to buyers' requests for sales promotion Actively respond Trading style Direct transaction
Product Name Kyoto Beef Miyabi
Product Feature
Won 2nd prize in Wagyu Olympic

The quality of Kyoto beef miyabi is over 30 months Long-term fattening and low melting point. Additionally this beef has high level oleic acid (around 55-58%). Oleic acid is a fatty acid that predominantly contained in olive oil which helps to reduce the cholesterol levels and prevents atherosclerosis. Won 2nd prize in Wagyu Olympic 2017.
Category Beef Target section Professional use
Retail Price in Japan 20000 JPY Place of production/
Storage Condition Frozen & Refrigerated Expiration Date Chilled 45days after slaughter, Forzen 2 years after slaughter
Minimum lot for order 100Kg
Size/quantity per product W20*D60*H20cm 10 to 25kg
Earliest shipment date Year-round
Ingredients/additives BEEF
Product Feature/Certification ISO9001 / US-HACCP


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