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■Prefecture Iwate ■Type of Industry Food Supplier
Company PR
We are Raising, manufacturing and processing original chicken brand 'Nambu-Dori' in Iwate. Nambu-dori is our chicken brand that does not any antibiotics and synthetics during the whole raising period. '' Amatake Salad Chicken'' , pre-packed roast brest chicken , is now popular as delicious and convenient food in Japan. You can enjoy 11 different tastes and tender texture you have never felt.
Already has agent/trading firm Yes [ Wismettac ]
Export countries within one year Hong Kong
Export experiences 〇 [ Hong Kong ]
Can respond to buyers' requests for sales promotion Unexpected Trading style Via trading company/wholesaler
Product Name Amatake Salad Chicken
Product Feature
Pre-packed roast chicken brest, healthy and convenient food.

''Amatake Salad Chicken'' are healthy chicken breast products that realize low calorie by peeling skin. In addition to that, well roasted before packaging to make them more delicious and juicy.(11tastes:(block style)herb, tandoori, garlic, plain, soy souce, (binding style)herb, lemon, smoked, cheeze, plain, curry)
Category Chicken Target section Professional use & Household use
Retail Price in Japan 300 JPY Place of production/
Storage Condition Frozen Expiration Date 2 years in freezing
Minimum lot for order 20000pk/C
Size/quantity per product w127mm*H200mm 110g
Earliest shipment date all season
Ingredients/additives chicken,starch,sugar,salt,soy protein powder,spices,onion powder,hydrolyzedprotein,vegetable oil,yeast extract powder/sodium biphosphate, condiment(amino acid etc.), thickener(fructose corn syrup) *Information of herb taste only
Product Feature/Certification Others [ Monde Selection maintained 5 years Gold Award from 2010 (only herb taste) ]


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