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■Prefecture Nagano ■Type of Industry Food Supplier
Company PR
Our company manufacture a wide variety of products including drinking water, skin lotion and personal care products specializing in excellent quality spring water collected from Hakuba village in Nagano. Those products are produced based on finer water particles and blended with trace minerals by our original technology. SUY has been adopted at Conrad Tokyo as water for a special occasion.
Already has agent/trading firm Yes [ ISHITO Company,Ltd. ]
Export experiences ×
Can respond to buyers' requests for sales promotion Actively respond Trading style Via trading company/wholesaler
Product Name - SUY - "Gastronomy umami water"
Product Feature
TASTY WATER FOR GOURMET matured in holy land of water Hakuba

Make tasty food more delicious. To make your meal more delicious and enjoyable ...Particularly TASTY WATER FOR DELICIOUS FOOD is completed, which is from holy land of water Hakuba, used HIGH QUALITY NATURAL WATER produced by natural circulation system.
Category Natural water Target section Professional use & Household use
Retail Price in Japan 1,500 JPY Place of production/
Storage Condition At normal temperature Expiration Date 2years
Minimum lot for order 60 case (720)
Size/quantity per product 85*275
Earliest shipment date all year
Ingredients/additives Water (soft water)
Product Feature/Certification Others [ Including research on feature of WATER and cell sap, we developed original technology that stabilizes unstable PURE WATER, aquatic products excellent in moisture penetration and raw material water for various industrial products. We have clarified the difference in the function of water lies in trace elements and hydrophilic phenomena, realized dream of making 100% natural material products. ]


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