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■Homepage http://www.mkbiotec.com
■Highlights / Company info
Since its establishment in Jan. 2000. We are focusing on researches of natural materials such as fruits, vegetables and microorganisms to develop more efficient and animal-friendly products. We are also developing next-generation animal health products and feed additives through these studies.
Product Name ALLICOM PLUS/All species
Product Category Feed, Feed additive
Product Summary
Garlic, extract, natural extract, powder type

Stronger replacement of antibiotics - Allicom Plus is made of garlic. The main component of garlic is allicin - Allicin has 15times stronger antibiotics, antifungal, antimould effect than penicillin. - Allicom Plus contains Ginseng the world famous health ingredient and Medicinal herbs widely used in oriental medicin. So Allicom Plus is the best choice for replacement of antibiotics, better immune system and stronger vitality
Product Name YEAST CULTURE/Microorganism
Product Category Feed, Feed additive
Product Summary
Microorganism, Yeast culture, In-house

Premium yeast culture by using in-house yeast spawn - Improves intestinal environment by stabilizing the microorganism flora - Strengthens immunity through improvement of intestinal environment - Contains various nutrients such UGF, organic-acid, enzyme, vitamins, and so on
■Main Products
ALLICOM PLUS (Feed, Feed additive)
YEAST CULTURE (Feed, Feed additive)


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