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■Highlights / Company info
1. "Jincheng Motor" since 2005 was originally designed with AC/BLDC motor, customized . After discovering the greenhouse effect , it developed a water-cooled fan, a negative pressure fan , ventilation equipment with a professional motor extension. 2. At present, the products are introduced into the cloud control system to enable technology and agriculture to reduce costs, manpower and labor.
Product Name ventilation equipment
Product Category Farmers Assistance products
Product Summary
water-cooled fan negative pressure fan ventilation equipment

BLDC motor: The greenhouse needs to use ventilation equipment for a long time. It is very important to choose the BLDC motor. The BLDC motor has a lower temperature rise than the AC motor during operation. Therefore, the DC motor not only has a long service life, but also saves money when the power consumption is low, and the burden on the farmers will not be burdened.
■Main Products
BLDC motor (Others)
Cylindrical Positive Pressure Fan 22" (Others)
cylindrical pressure Hanging fan 22" (Others)
BLDC motor's controller (Others)


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