■Country Korea ■Booth No. 19-10
■Homepage http://www.wondercutter.com
■Highlights / Company info
CUTRA CO.,LTD is a fast growing manufacturing company in South Korea based on high technology and innovation. We produce ultrasonic cutters that cut various materials such as plastics, formex, PCB, ABS, acrylic, and etc. Our Wondercutter will be found very useful by designers, 3D priting industry, DIY-ers, and anyone who would like to make fast and delicate cuts. Visit our booth to try out!
Product Name Wondercutter
Product Category Work tools
Product Summary
Cut anything you want with Wondercutter.

Wondercutter is an ultrasonic cutter that cuts materials by lowering the coefficient of friction with 40,000 vibrations per second. You can't really see or feel the vibration but it cuts materials with rapid oscillation. With Wondercutter, you can cut plastic, rubber, acrylic, formex, and many other materials easily and delicately. Even people with not as strong handgrip can use the product easily and on the top of that, the maximum power consumption is only 25W.
■Main Products
Wondercutter (Work tools)


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