■Country Taiwan ■Booth No. 21-27
■Homepage https://www.lgt.tw/
■Highlights / Company info
Land Green and Technology Co.,Ltd founded in 2014 in Lize industrial park of Yilan County, Taiwan. The company is focusing is on leading and innovating advanced organics farming using Nano and micro biotechnologies. Our mission is to become an international center of Nano technologies implementation in organic farming with leading cybernetic system for controlling plant growth factors.
Product Name NovaLand Nano Fertilizer
Product Category Fertilisers/Soils
Product Summary
NovaLand Nano Mn, Cu, Fe, Zn, Mo, N

Nano particle production technology accelerates nutrient penetration into the plants and speed up plants growth. Enhance plant resistance to soil salinization, drought, heavy metal pollution, and other adverse condition. Enhance crops productivity, contribute seeds germination and enhance plant disease resistance. Economical duration rate:0,035 ml per 100 ml of water 8 times enhances plant’s dark reaction. NovaLand nano fertilizer provide customized formula.
Product info
New item (within 2 years) Patented Direct sales to retailers
■Main Products
NovaLand Nano Fertilizer (Fertilisers/Soils)
NovaLand Organic Composition Fertilizer (Fertilisers/Soils)
NovaLand Organic Extract NPK 3-5-18 (Fertilisers/Soils)
NovaLand Organic Liquid Fertilizer (Fertilisers/Soils)
NovaLand SeaPower NPK 2-3-9 (Fertilisers/Soils)


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