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HQTS Group Ltd. is the Hong Kong based parent of our family of international companies. Operating in 20 countries, 86 locations, as well as in our internationally recognized packaging & consumer goods testing laboratory, we provide specialized quality control services including inspections, testing, factory audits, supplier evaluations, and production management services throughout Asia.
商品名 / 品種名 Sorting Inspection
カテゴリー その他
Inspection,Sorting Inspection

Once your products are received at our sorting inspection center, we will check the quantity, design, color, appearance and packaging according to your order specifications and inspection requirements. This process allows all non-compliant goods to be separated out of your shipment, and results reported.
商品名 / 品種名 Metal Detection
カテゴリー その他
Metal Detection,inspection

All sewing products imported to Japan are required to pass metal detection. To avoid consumer injury from broken needles, or other metal contamination that may occur during manufacturing, this process ensure that products are harmless and free from metal contaminants.
商品名 / 品種名 Inspection at your factory
カテゴリー その他

With a minimum of five days' advance notice, we can send our inspectors to perform the sorting inspection at your factory. A sorting inspection can be carried out as a pre or post packaging inspection. This is typically performed as a piece by piece inspection on every item to evaluate general appearance, workmanship, function, safety, etc., as specified by you.
商品名 / 品種名 商品カテゴリー
全数検品 作業工具
検針 作業工具
出張全数検品 作業工具
出張抜取検品 作業工具
Ⅹ線検査 作業工具


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