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The company was established in 2015, We are a professional manufacturer focusing on the research, development, production and sales of cut resistant gloves, sleeves, socks, heat resistant and flame retardant gloves. Our professional engineers have at least 15 years' experience in this field, and the products are tested against all applicable EN and ASTM standards.
商品名 / 品種名 safety gloves and sleeves
カテゴリー 作業用品・安全用品
cut resistant, heat resistant, flame retardant

"Material Classification :High tenacity polyester, HPPE and aramid Products cover 7gauge, 8guage, 10gauge, 13gauge, 15gauge and 18gauge. From ANSI A2 to ANSI A9, ISOB to ISOF. High cut level can be offered without sacrifying comfort and dexterity. Except cut resistance, aramid also can provide good heat resistance and flame retardance. Customised Protective solutions is workable"
商品名 / 品種名 Stainless Steel Wire gloves
カテゴリー 作業用品・安全用品
cut resistant, stainless steel wire mesh gloves

Made of 100% 316L stainless steel wire, food Grade. Give you better cut protection than the regular gloves in the market. Seamless liner ensures comfortable hand feeling.
商品名 / 品種名 商品カテゴリー
Cut resistant gloves, Safety gloves 作業服
Cut resistant gloves 作業服
Cut resistant sleeves 作業服
Heat resistant gloves 作業服
Flame retardant gloves 作業服


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