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The company proposes to recover rock phosphate from the seabed offshore New Zealand. The project is expected to operate for 20 years or more, mining the seafloor at a rate of 1.5 million tonnes per annum. The rock is a proven reactive phosphate rock so it can be applied directly to the soil without any processing or impurities being added. It's also very low in heavy metals such as cadmium.
商品名 / 品種名 Chatham rock phosphate
カテゴリー 植物工場用 部材・資材
Rock phosphate from the ocean where the sun first rises

This phosphate rock binds particularly well with the soil with the result being a healthier soil profile and much reduced leaching into water ways. And because it is slow release it can be applied less frequently resulting in lower application costs, lower carbon emissions and less work for the farmer. The performance of this direct application has been well researched and documented in NZ based farming trials carried out in the mid 1980s and in the last 3-4 years.
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商品名 / 品種名 商品カテゴリー
rock phosphate fertiliser products 植物工場用 部材・資材


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