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Shenzhen Kenong Plastic Co. Ltd., founded in 2005, is specialized in the research and development and production of various intelligent gardening supplies. With independent research and development, die sinking and production, we can save every penny for our clients.Equipped with professional injection molding machines, we can provide customized products according to your needs.
商品名 / 品種名 Plastic lazy flowerpot
カテゴリー 施設園芸製品
With independent R&D, die sinking and production

What is Lazy flowerpot? that is water-storing flowerpot. It composes of inner and outer baskets. The outer basket is used for storing water and the inner basket is used for growing plants. Plants can absorb water from the baskets though cotton rope, thus plants are not easy to encounter water shortage and easy to take care of. One watering can last 7 to 15 days. We are an expert on lazy flowerpot. with strong R &D. we launch a new collection or poroducts every month.
商品名 / 品種名 Intelligent lazy flowerpot
カテゴリー 施設園芸製品
dedicate to the development of intelligent garden flowerpots

our intelligent lazy flowerpot: the base is the water storage tank and has high and low water level alarm, 3 days, 5 days, 7 days, 15 days and manual water replenishment can be set. Full spectrum plant growth lamp is attached and the duration of lighting can be set. Large water storage space, more convenient for planting.High and low water level monitoring. Water shortage alarm. No need to pay attention to the water level, enjoying the fun of planting.
商品名 / 品種名 Electronic sprayer
カテゴリー 施設園芸製品
Our unique new-designed type & hot sale.

Built in lithium battery, can spray continuously for 2.5 hours to 5 hours after fully charged, touch switch is adopted, it can be started by double click and stopped by single click, the product has passed the safety test.
商品名 / 品種名 商品カテゴリー
Plastic flowerpot, 施設園芸製品
Intelligent Lazy flowerpot 施設園芸製品
Electronic sprayer 施設園芸製品
Intelligent planter 栽培管理・環境制御システム


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