允全機械 ゆうげんがいしゃ(社)

■所在地 台湾 ■小間番号 21-5
■ホームページアドレス http://www.yc-ph.com
Yun Chuan was founded in 1983. Corporation has successfully grown to become a leading company in Taiwan for Peanut Harvesting Machine, and has over 90 percentage market share. We commitment to manufacturing quality products and after sale service. All we will persist on it and make harvesting even better and easier. In the future, we constantly to develop new products for our customers.
商品名 / 品種名 YCM Peanut Harvesting Machine
カテゴリー 農業機械
Peanut Harvesting Machine

Easy to handle for beginner, highly efficiency , low-cost maintenance
会期中特典 農業Weekで初公開 年間供給・安定供給可 小ロット対応可
商品名 / 品種名 商品カテゴリー
落花生の收穫機 農業機械


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