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Manufacture, sale and maintenance of commercial freezer refrigerators, refrigerated showcase and other refrigeration devices. Design and construction of shop and kitchen systems.
Product Name Blast chiller/Shock freezer
Product Category Food processing machinery
Product Summary
Cooked foodstuffs are rapidly cooled.

Cooked foodstuffs are rapidly cooled, skipping the bacteria-grouwig temperature zone. "QXC" series are equipped with inside self-clening function.
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Direct sales to retailers
Product Name Hypochlorite generating system
Product Category Freshness keeping/management system
Product Summary
Electrolyzed water with high sterilization effects

Vegetables, meat and fish can be effectively sterlized, and bacteria stuck on kitchen utensils and processing equipment may also be cleaned up. The pH level is nearly neutral (mildly alkaline), which means that foodstuff is little affected and rinsed easily. Your hands are well cared. The sterle bases are water and common salt, which are eco-friendly.
Product PR Point
Direct sales to retailers
Product Name Assembly type refrigerator
Product Category Storage/Logistics
Product Summary
Accommodate the food tray or rice bag efficiently

We designed this Assembly type refrigerator to utilize every available space effectively. There are 6 suggestions of Assembly type refrigerator according to storage capacity and installation space.
Product Name Commercial chiller
Product Category Kitchen equipment
Product Summary
New generation commercial freezer and chiller

Linear and sharp desighn fits in any environment and it makes feel calm universality, precision and accuracy. We have achieved further energy savings compared to the conventional series. In addition, we are shfting to refrigerants with lower global warming potentail.
Product PR Point
New item (within 2 years) Direct sales to retailers
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