■Country Japan ■Booth No. 40-41 ■Zone Drone Zone
■Homepage http://www.nileworks.co.jp/
■Highlights / Company info
Nileworks is a company in the design, manufacturing and development of drones for agricultural industry and has developed the fully autonomous aerial agricultural spraying drones.Please stop by our booth and check out the latest prototype model & experimental flight movies.
Product Name Autonomous Agricultural Drone
Product Category Drones
Product Summary
Aerial spraying without skilled operator

Our drone automatically recognizes and analyzes the shape of landform and autonomously sprays on plant surfaces. No skilled operator necessary, our drone allows for an easy operate aerial agricultural spraying with your ipad. Our drone can apply 10 liters of agricultural liquid to area of 1 hectares in a single flight.
Product info
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Autonomous Agricultural Drone (Drones)


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