Booth No 20-17 Zone Jewellery Zone Country Japan
Main Products Diamond set jewellery [Colourless] / Gemstone jewellery [Ruby, Sapphire, General coloured stones] / Brand jewellery
PR Comment KGK expects to launch new diamond settings and new jewellery collections which world has never seen in past. Our products will be exceptional still best in prices which no one else can give in the market! Our Jewellery will be for all segments starting from Elite class people looking for extraordinary charms till the youngster who want to buy a gift with little money!
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Spiral Karina Ring
Category : Diamond set jewellery [Colourless]
PR : Like a playful puzzle, spirally floating diamonds reflect various up-downs of a woman's mind. These up & downs flourish the beauty of these jewels just like a feminine soul by filling it with light. This piece of art is created with months of hard work and skills of our artisans. We invite you to join us in IJT and experience a wide range of these jewels.
Price Range : JPY 100,000~300,000
Atoure collection
Category : Diamond set jewellery [Coloured]
PR : In this winter, thrive yourself with rare Asscher cut diamond jewellery. This particular collection has carefully selected VS quality Asscher cut diamonds. This unique jewellery is studded with rare stones by masculine nut-bolt setting; still has a beauty of overflowing feminism. Please visit our booth at IJT and have look at the broad array of these charms.
Price Range : JPY 100,000~300,000
Nature collection
Category : Gemstone jewellery [General coloured stones]
PR : KGK's nature collection includes jewellery based on natural concepts such as flowers, plants, animals, birds and insects. Our carefully selected diamonds and color stones give a jewellery preciously elegant look. All the natural elements are created in such a way that they look absolutely alive. It is a pleasure for us to invite you in this exotic paradise. Visit KGK's Booth at IJT and feel the aroma of bliss and beauty.
Price Range : JPY 50,000~100,000