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PR Comment An in-house buyer is to examine goods directly in foreign countries and do stocking in quantities focusing on a natural stone and an accessary, and I offer you goods excellent in quality at the fire-sale price. Please confirm the quality and the price in an exhibition hall by all means.
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[1 point thing] /final grade/ nonpareil! Natural amber polish rude ore made in the Baltic Sea with a bug/ where natural/ without large/ good clarity compression is very ancient
Category : Jewellery using other materials (amber, coral, cameo, etc) [Amber]
PR : The huge amber polish rude ore by which it's a super-large size from a thing and the Northern Europe Baltic Sea, new, it was received!
Without natural compression forming, only this size is also very rare in the world!
Ancient insects with a shape that I have the sense of stability made very big massively are beauty items best of entering.
Price Range : JPY 1,000,000~3,000,000
[1 point thing] First-class limitation receipt! / Best healing stone/ made in the Dominican Republic/a natural stone bracelet/Larimer(blue pectolite)/round /12mm
Category : Gemstone jewellery [Larimar]
PR : Production decreases sharply and a very rare Larimer(blue pectolite) bracelet made in the Dominican Republic receives limitation! The design is vivid and is judged as blue of beautiful high coloring like a sea.
Production decreases sharply in Larimer of this rank, and acquisition becomes difficult at a market at present!
Price Range : JPY 300,000~1,000,000
High-quality natural stone, sv925 sei/natural stone ring/blue topaz Silverling/universal size
Category : Gemstone jewellery [Topaz]
PR : Silverling with a high-quality blue topaz of the clear clear shade.
A pedestal of steady sv925 sei is a ring with a very rich atmosphere.
Even if it's done instead of a charm, it's fashionable.
It's the universal size, so it's put on at the place you like.
Price Range : JPY 50,000~100,000