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PR Comment This time we also offer new products and bargain products limited to the exhibition venue.
In addition, various looses are also available.
Please have a look at our booth.
We look forward to seeing you all.
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pearl necklace/pearl ring/pearl earring/pearl pendant necklace/pearl bracelet/pearl loose
Category : Loose pearls [Southsea pearls]
PR : South Sea pearls with deep shine and dazzling luster.
The charm attracts and attracts women forever.
Price Range : JPY 100,000~300,000
necklace/ring/earring/pendant necklace/bracelet/Loose
Category : Loose pearls [Akoya pearls]
PR : Feel the radiance and luster of Akoya pearls with your own eyes.
Price Range : JPY 1,000,000~3,000,000
Conch pearl necklace/Conch pearl ring/Conch pearl earring/Conch pearl pendant necklace/Conch pearl bracelet/Conch pearl Loose
Category : Loose pearls [Conch pearls]
PR : Conch pearl with high rarity.
Please enjoy the inspired flame pattern.
Loose is also available.
Price Range : JPY 100,000~300,000