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PR Comment With the growing availability of synthetic diamonds, full disclosure and confidence in knowing what you are buying is now more important than ever. We exhibit testers for them, newly launched GIA iD100, first arrival of Japan Sherlock Holmes Detector and economical smart tester SCREEN 1. Also we have Olympus XRF Analyzer of precious metals GoldXpert, VANTA and others.
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OLYMPUS XRF analyzer GoldXpert
Category : Manufacturing/Processing/Measurement Machinery
PR : Olympus GoldXPert Portable XRF could analyze precious metals accurately in around 10 seconds. Ideal for quality control, distinguish antiques and purity of precious metals. Alfa Mirage is an authorized distributor for Olympus GoldXpert in Japan.
Price Range : JPY 1,000,000~3,000,000
Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer EDX
Category : Manufacturing/Processing/Measurement Machinery
PR : Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometers from global analytical and measuring instrument manufacturer SHIMADZU. The high-performance SDD detector and optimized hardware achieve a high level of sensitivity, analysis speed, and energy resolution. Accommodates various types of material measurement, and suits for not only jewelry, but quality control, analysis.
Price Range : JPY 3,000,000~
GIA iD 100
Category : Manufacturing/Processing/Measurement Machinery
PR : The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) launched the GIA iD100 combines advanced spectroscopic technology to distinguish natural diamonds from synthetic (HPHT,CVD) diamonds and diamond simulants, potentially synthetic in 2 seconds. GIA iD100 gives ultraviolet-A and automatucally collects and analyzes the optical signal to detect a diamond's luminesence signature. It can test loose and mounted D to J color diamonds of 0.9mm in diameter (approx. 0.5 point) or greater.
Price Range : JPY 300,000~1,000,000