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PR Comment American-Thai Trading. We have nearly 30 years experience in Bangkok producing natural gemstones both for jewelers and for collectors. Our focus is on attention to detail. Color, clarity, cutting, and cost are all important.
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Unheated Ruby and Sapphire
Category : Precious stones [Sapphires]
PR : Unheated Ruby and Sapphire. We personally select gems in Myanmar and Sri Lanka. All stones re-cut carefully and are lab certified.
Price Range : JPY 100,000~300,000
Many Rare Garnets
Category : Precious stones [Garnets]
PR : There are many types of Garnet. Garnets are durable gems and almost always untreated. We have a wide selection of sizes, colors, and prices.
Price Range : JPY 50,000~100,000
Rare and Unique Gemstones
Category : Gemstone jewellery [General coloured stones]
PR : We offer a wide range of unusual gemstones. Jewelers use imagination and creativity to create unique pieces of jewelry art which are sure to impress their customers.
Price Range : JPY 50,000~100,000