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Colorat Collectie
Our mission is to make daily life more colorful, to make you shine more.
The mission of Colorat Collectie is to make daily life more colorful, to make women of all generations shine more. We believe that pursuing authentic beauty will lead to excitement and delight to our customers.
Dragonfly Pendant/Brooch
Category : Gemstone jewellery [Ruby]
PR : The dynamism you feel in delicacy, and polite and precise making is the reason for its popularity. It is the most felt jewelry featuring handcrafted wonderfulness.
Price Range : JPY 100,000~300,000
Boulder Opal Castle Pendant/ Brooch
Category : Gemstone jewellery [Opal]
PR : It is a motif jewelry representing Colorat Collectie. Designed with beautiful Boulder opals as walls, our experienced craftsmen handmade the ground metal of Castle part one by one.
Price Range : JPY 100,000~300,000
The Diamond Angel Earrings
Category : Diamond set jewellery [Colourless]
PR : Please visit our booth to enjoy the angel series with lovely expression delivered by Colorat Collectie ,With has a repution for its lovely expression.
Price Range : JPY 100,000~300,000

Company Information

Zone Pearl Zone Country Japan
Main Products
  • Jewellery > Designer's jewellery
  • Jewellery > Gemstone jewellery [Opal, Tourmaline, General coloured stones]
  • Jewellery > Pearl jewellery [Akoya pearl, Southsea pearl, Southsea black pearl]
PR Comment Many new products and new designs will be on display. Delicate and unique jewelry that can only be made by us is also popular at overseas exhibitions. Please come to the booth as soon as possible because all the products are one point.