Brand Information

" The angel who flies down to living"
The concept is "Angels that fall into life" with antique design, and we will deliver trendy items that are perfect for "daily use" and "reward to ourselves" as well as making products that feel the warmth of our customers and deliver them to our customers.
Viange-Minimal diamond-
Category : Diamond set jewellery [Colourless]
PR : It is a proposal of the item which set the very small diamond of original jewelry "Viange". A small reward item designed to be easy to wear, whether it's for everyday use or at work. "Tiny jewelry" perfect for spring and summer clothes.
Price Range : JPY 10,000~50,000

Company Information

Company Name MJ CO., LTD.
Zone Jewellery Zone Country Japan
Main Products
  • Jewellery > Diamond set jewellery [Colourless]
  • Jewellery > Bridal jewellery
  • Jewellery > Pearl jewellery [Akoya pearl]
PR Comment This time, we will hold an order for the new work of fashion jewelry "Viange". K10&K18, diamonds, emeralds, akoya pearl, etc. Also bridal jewelry brand "towa et toi". We are also looking for an authorized distributor of bridal jewelry brand ChouChouna. We also accept OEM and ODM from small lots, such as "planning, design, and manufacturing" at our own factory.