Company Name BEADS LOT INC.
Booth No A5-16 Zone Gemstones Zone Country Japan
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  • Gemstones > Semiprecious Stones/Gemstones [New Tube]
  • Gemstones > Semiprecious Stones/Gemstones [wax cord]
  • Gemstones > Semiprecious Stones/Gemstones [silver 925 parts]
PR Comment A new form of accessories will be generate. Based on the experience we have cultivated in Kobe Kitano for over 35 years, we are looking forward to seeing you with low-cost, high quality Japanese standards.
Using Cards/e-money at the booth
  • * Credit Cards Acceptable (ask exhibitors for the types)
OEM / ODM order Accepted
Category : Accessories
PR : The registered trademark "New Tube" makes it possible to differentiate from the classic style at a low cost.We offer a wide range of proposals for new styles, from materials to finished products.Trial with the minimam lot is possible only during the exhibition.
Price Range : ~JPY 10,000
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Category : Semiprecious Stones/Gemstones [venetian galass]
PR : Directly imported from Venice.
Price Range : ~JPY 10,000