Company Name KISHUN INC.
Booth No C2-02 Zone Jewellery Zone Country Japan
Main Products
  • Jewellery > Gemstone jewellery [Emerald, Sapphire, General coloured stones]
  • Jewellery > Pearl jewellery [Akoya pearl, Southsea white pearl, Southsea black pearl]
  • Gemstones > Precious stones [Emeralds]
PR Comment The high quality color stones that was imported from foreign countries to japan during the era of bubble economy of 1980's.
We update these rare stones to original latest designed products by mounting after polishing and recutting.
This time too we provide second jewelries that combine value and design ability.
Do come to the exhibition.
Using Cards/e-money at the booth
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  • * China UnionPay Acceptable
  • * WeChat Pay
  • * Alipay
OEM / ODM order Not accepted
Emerald Pierce
Category : Gemstone jewellery [Emerald]
PR : Emerald Pierce
New Item Release during this exhibition everyday
Price Range : JPY 50,000~100,000
Black Opal Ring
Category : Gemstone jewellery [Opal]
PR : Black Opal 10.469ct Diamond 1.05ct
Price Range : JPY 300,000~1,000,000
Sapphire Ring
Category : Gemstone jewellery [Sapphire]
PR : Sapphire 10.688ct Diamond 2.02ct
Price Range : JPY 1,000,000~3,000,000