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PR Comment Made in India & Nepal Original Goods Import & Wholesale
Genuine Indian Sandal Wooden Goods (Beads, Statue, Accessory)
Tibetan Buddhist Altar (Tingsha, Singing Bowl, Bajra, Tibetan Bell)
Other (Incense, Cotton Bag, Brass Bell, South-East Asian Agar chip, Indian Frankincense, Indian Benzoin, Nepal Handmade Paper.)
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Metal Ganesh Big Ear with Paint (White, Blue, Orange, Red)
Category : Ornament
PR : Aluminium Alloy Ganesh Statue H 32 x W 38 x D 15mm
Indian Craftsman carefully painted each 1pc.
How about using this goods as Complimentary Gift?
4colors. So you can supply joy that select color to end user.
Price Range : ~JPY 10,000
Genuine Indian Sandal Wooden beads
Category : Semiprecious Stones/Gemstones [Indian Sandal Wooden Beads]
PR : Indian Sandal Wood Beads is popular as Parts for Bracelet.
Besides that, we have High class goods that used by material the part of including many oil.
Price Range : ~JPY 10,000
Tibetan Buddhist Altar (Bajra, Tibetan Bell, Singing Bowl, Tingsha.)
Category : Tibetan Buddhist altar
PR : Tibetan Buddhist Altar. Japanese likes their Exotic design & use way.
Price Range : ~JPY 10,000