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Jewelry carried by angels flying down into their lives
"Angels falling down to life" Elegant elegance and elegance that attracts somewhere like antique jewelry attractive
Delica - Delicate Diamond Line -
Category : Diamond set jewellery [Colourless]
PR : A reward item designed with the theme of "delicacy" and "volume feeling". The sense of volume composed of a casual diamond 'glittering feeling' and a line will produce a gorgeous fingertip and chest.
Price Range : JPY 10,000~50,000

Company Information

Company Name MJ CO., LTD.
Booth No 10-14 Zone Light Jewellery Zone Country Japan
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  • Jewellery > Diamond set jewellery [Colourless]
  • Jewellery > Bridal jewellery
  • Jewellery > Pearl jewellery [Akoya pearl]
PR Comment This time, we will hold an order meeting to announce the new work of the original jewelry "Viange". It is a proposal of "torrent & selling" such as diamond, Akoya pearl, precious stone, semi-precious stone, etc. mainly K10, K18, platinum 950. In addition, we propose a new work of bridal brand "towa et toi" and "chouchouna". Announcement of bridal brand "SOUSI SOUAI" from Watanabeya Co., Ltd. There is a discount privilege of up to 30% OFF introduction fee by the introduction of multiple brands.