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PR Comment This time,we will show you products that other companies do not have,such as pearl jewelry,utilizing our specialized technology.And in 2020,we will announce and release anew 2021 new coin jewelry item,so please check at the exhibition hall.
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Mabe pearl,white butterfly shell inlaid penndannto
Category : Pearl jewellery [Mabe pearl]
PR : Our technology has been cultivated over many years, and we ave inlaid K18 and PT900 bullion with white butterfly shells to make the pearls shine even more beautiful and noble.In addition,we have released products with the same processing for Akoya peals and South Sea pearls.
Price Range : JPY 1,000,000~3,000,000
Akoya Pearl/South See Pearl Pendant
Category : Pearl jewellery [Akoya pearl]
PR : Using flowers as a motif, high-quality pearls are used to express the contrast of colored bullion beautifully.
Price Range : JPY 300,000~1,000,000
Coin jewelry
Category : Coin jewelry
PR : it is a limited number of issued K24 gold coins. In this ehibition, coins that other companies do not have will be released. in additon,for some products, a life waterproof coin frame will alsobe released.
Price Range : JPY 100,000~300,000