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PR Comment We specialize in high quality colored stones.
We have vast collections of high quality Columbian Emeralds, Tanzanite,
Black Opal(Harlequin) and many other stones such as Paraiba Tourmaline,
imperial Jadeite and unheated Corundum.

Please come to see our wonderful collection of stones and jewellery.
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Platinum Emerald Diamond Nacklace
Category : Gemstone jewellery [General coloured stones]
PR : Displayed here is a platinum pendant with an elegant design. It is set with colombian Emeralds and diamonds for a brilliant touch. This Emerald pendant matches party look nicely.
Price Range : JPY 3,000,000~
Star Sapphire(Burma) Black Opal(Australia)
Category : Gemstone jewellery [General coloured stones]
PR : This is a sapphire that come in an ellipse shape. Displaying a distinct asterism, this sapphire is combined with a saturated color. Its well-centred star is visible on each side of the double cabochon, as well as in transmitted light.
Australian Black opal that reflects attractive kaleidoscopic colors.
Price Range : JPY 3,000,000~
Platinum Paraiba Tourmaline Diamond Ring
Category : Gemstone jewellery [General coloured stones]
PR : This is a striking Paraiba tourmaline ring crafted with opulent platinum. The stunning olive-shaped Paraiba tourmaline is accented with lustrous diamonds for a brilliant shine. This presented Paraiba tourmaline ring will surely add a sophisticated finish to your party look.
Price Range : JPY 3,000,000~